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It is a fact that over 90% of broadband issues involving poor speed and/or dropped connections are caused by the Internal telephone wiring in your home.

The extension wiring is fine for its original intended purpose, but the addition of the Broadband signal running over the top of the phone network brings with it a whole host of potential problems.

No doubt you are reading this as a result of having spent a lot of time and possibly money on endless calls to your ISP's support call centre.

You will  have been asked to plug this in, unplug that, turn off the router and wait 5 minutes before switching it on again, try again, go through the whole process again and still the problem persists.

Changing filters is rarely the answer, being sent a new router may have an initial impact but soon things are back to where you started.

You may even have switched suppliers in a fit of call centre rage!
And still you have the same problems.So, What else can you do?

Your next step to restoring your sanity and achieving a solid reliable and maybe even faster broadband without going through all that stress is to contact Allan on 07485 182270

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